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Anova Nationalist Brotherhood

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Spokesperson  Xosé Manuel Beiras
Headquarters  Santiago de Compostela
Founded  2012 (2012)
Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood
Merger of  Encontro Irmandiño Galician People's Front Movemento pola Base Galician Left Unity Galician Workers Front (left in 2014) independents
Youth wing  Mocidade de Anova and Xeira
Ideology  Galician nationalism Socialism Anti-capitalism Galician independence Left-wing nationalism Republicanism Anti-globalization Internationalism

Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood (Galician: ANOVA-Irmandade Nacionalista, Anova) is a political party of Galicia. Formed in 2012, under the guidance of historical leader Xosé Manuel Beiras, Anova was formed by Encontro Irmandiño (2012 split of the BNG), the FPG, Movemento pola Base (small 2009 split of the BNG), the Galician Workers Front (2012 split of the BNG) and independent militants. Anova defines itself as a Galician nationalist, socialist, feminist, Galician independentist, ecologist and internationalist organization. Its internal organization is run by assemblies.


To contest the 2012 Galician parliamentary election, Anova decided to form a coalition with the United Left, Equo, and the Espazo Ecosocialista Galego. The coalition was called Galician Left Alternative; it won 9 seats (5 United Left, 4 Anova), becoming the third-largest party in the Galician Parliament, displacing the Galician Nationalist Bloc, and coming second in most of the major cities of Galicia.

In 2014 a critical political organization within the party, called CERNA, was created. CERNA left the party after the results of the second National Assembly of Anova.


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