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Annulus (mycology)

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Annulus (mycology)

An annulus is the ring-like structure sometimes found on the stipe of some species of mushrooms. The annulus represents the remaining part of the partial veil, after it has ruptured to expose the gills or other spore-producing surface. An annulus may be thick and membranous, or it may be cobweb-like. An annulus may be persistent and be a noticeable feature of a mature mushroom, or it may disappear soon after the emergence of the mushroom, perhaps leaving a few remnants on the stipe as an "annular zone".

Annuli come in various shapes, which can be important features for identification of the mushroom. Common shapes include:

  • pendant - drooping or skirt-like
  • flaring - spreading outward from the stipe
  • sheathing - opening upwards around the stipe
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