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Annona cacans

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Annonaceae
Scientific name  Annona cacans
Order  Magnoliales
Genus  Annona
Rank  Species
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Similar  Annona montana, Annona salzmannii, Annona coriacea, Duguetia lanceolata, Annona cornifolia

Annona cacans, with the common names: Araticum-cagão, Araticum de paca, Araticum-pacarí, is a fruit tree native to Atlantic Forest and Cerrado vegetation in Brazil and Paraguay.

Annona cacans ANNONA CACANS a photo from Parana South TrekEarth


This tree is among the largest in the Annona genus. It usually grows 5–30 metres (16–98 ft).

Annona cacans araticamcagaoannonacacanshtm

The fruit's succulent clear or white flesh is edible with a sweet or bitter flavor. It cannot be eaten in large amounts due to the laxative properties. They are also a food source of the paca.

Annona cacans Flora Digital do Rio Grande do Sul e de Santa Catarina Annona cacans
Annona cacans Annona cacans Images Useful Tropical Plants
Annona cacans ANNONA CACANS
Annona cacans Annona cacans Useful Tropical Plants


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