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Anne and Laura Brand

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Ian Powrie, Jimmie MacGregor, Robin Hall, Moira Anderson, Jimmy Shand

Robin & Jimmy with Anne & Laura Brand

Anne and Laura Brand were sisters who made up a talented singing duo, born in Aberdeen, who in the early part of their careers sang traditional ballads of mainly Scottish and North Country origin. In the period 1960 to 1968 they featured regularly in the BBC programme White Heather Club that ran initially as a New Year's Eve party (1957-1968) and as a series (1960-1968)(Source Wikipedia entry for the "White Heather Club")

In approximately 1970 they extended their repertoire to songs and ballads from other regions and modern ballads and were regarded throughout the world as being in the forefront of Scottish vocal artists. They had a television series of their own on the Scottish television network and were in great demand in Scotland's major cabaret spots. The songs and ballads they sang were always true to the original, with their own special quality of performance.(Source Information from (LP) "Pride O' The North")

They produced many EP and LP recordings, including "Pride Of The North" (LP), "O'Er Mountain And Glen" (LP) and "You're Welcome Here" (LP). Although their popularity was centred in Scotland the recordings they made were sold worldwide and are still available on collector's sites for vinyl recordings.

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Their careers began in 1955 when they passed a radio audition and progressed until the 1970s. The final public performances and recordings they made are not mentioned in any easily available source. It would appear their recordings did not carry over on to CD, with the exception of the recordings of the "White Heather Club that are still produced and to which they contributed. The only reference on the Internet to them personally and not directly connected with recordings, is personal reminiscence posted on the Cromarty Image Library, of a visit they made to Cromarty in 1964.


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