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Anhak Palace

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Chosŏn'gŭl  안학궁
Revised Romanization  Anhakgung
Hancha  安鶴宮
McCune–Reischauer  Anhakkung
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The Anhak Palace is a royal residence of the Goguryeo kingdom that was built in 427 AD. It is located in Taesong-guyok, Pyongyang, North Korea. The palace featured landscaped gardens, described as an" "unskillful" natural landscape" according to one source. It is located at the foot of Mount Taesong in Pyongyang.

Map of Anhak Palace, Pyongyang, North Korea

The layout of the palace closely followed the Chinese government system and its Confucian principles. The palace was built after the transfer of the capital to Pyeongyang, during which political groups which were familiar with Chinese culture become a new bureaucratic group under the King's patronage.

The palace is surrounded by a wall, 2,488 metres (8,163 ft) in total circumference, one side being 622 metres (2,041 ft) long. The total area of the palace is 380,000 square metres (4,100,000 sq ft). Three streams flow down the mountain; one leading into a pond within the palace, the other two filling moats to the east and west of the complex.


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