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Andrice Arp

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Nationality  American
Parents  Halton Arp
Role  Comics artist
Name  Andrice Arp
Area(s)  Writer, Artist

Andrice Arp

Andrice Arp (born 1969 in Los Angeles) is a U.S. comics artist and illustrator, and the daughter of Halton Arp. She has been a contributor to the self-published comic Hi-Horse. In 2004, Hi-Horse Omnibus, comprising all new material, was published by Alternative Comics. Arp also contributed to the comics anthology Mome.

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In September 2006, Arp's work was featured in an exhibit at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, as well as a museum in New York.

Her illustrations have appeared in Shout magazine, Kitchen Sink magazine, and the New York Times. Arp has illustrated three covers of Scram, a Journal of Unpopular Culture (issues #1, #10 and #20). She also works as an illustrator for the book-swapping web site BookMooch, restaurant-music provider MoodMixes, and audio engineering company ToneGnome.


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