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Andres Perez (artist)

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Name  Andres Perez
Died  1727
Role  Painter
Period  Baroque
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Andres Perez (c. 1660-1727) was a Spanish Baroque painter.

Perez was born to Francisco Perez de Pineda, a Seville painter active between 1664 and 1673. He attended the Academia de Bellas Artes (Seville). He could have been influenced by Bartolome Esteban Murillo through his father or directly in Murillo's studio. The art historian Juan Agustin Cean Bermudez wrote: "signed in 1707, that were in the tabernacle of the church of St. Lucia, soon they were separating Sevillian painters from Murillo". these works were destroyed in 1936 but since then were identified as two paintings of Perez's works preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville: Abraham and Melchizedek and Daniel before Abimelech.

Murillo 's influence is best seen in the series of the Fathers of the Latin Church in the Museum of Huelva, from the convent of Augustinian Recollects of populism in Seville, or the judge Christ with the Virgin and Saints Francis And Sunday, preserved in the museum .

However, it was in flower painting in which, according to Cean, would have stood out especially, and in this genre all that is known of his hand is a San Joaquin St. Anne and the Virgin girl in flowers wreath at the Museum Fine Arts, Cordoba, in which the sacred occasion, treated with tenderness, is enhanced by precious treatment of flowers, also present as decorative details in the paintings of the series of The Infancy of Christ, preserved in the parish Puerto Serrano (Cadiz) .


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