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Kingdom  Plantae
Subclass  Andreaeidae
Family  Andreaeaceae Dumort.
Higher classification  Andreaeaceae
Division  Bryophyta
Order  Andreaeales
Scientific name  Andreaea
Rank  Genus
Andreaea Dusky Rockmoss Andreaea rothii Biopix photoimage 54468
Lower classifications  Andreaea gainii, Andreaea regularis, Andreaea depressinervis

Andreaea pronounciation

Andreaea is a genus of rock mosses described as a genus in 1801.


They are small, delicate acrocarpous mosses (meaning that the capsules are formed at the tips of vertical branches) that form dark brown or reddish cushions on wet siliceous rocks in mountainous areas. The capsule lacks the peristome teeth and operculum of other mosses, and opens by splitting along 4 vertical slits, the four valves remaining joined at the base and apex. The capsule of Andreaea has no seta, but the sporophyte (Spf in the diagram below) instead is supported by a pseudopodium (ps) derived from gametophyte tissue, as in Sphagnum and the columella is enclosed within the sporangium. The spores germinate to give thalloid protonemata.

Andreaea Frullania Andreaea rupestris

Celebracion cumplea os nro 19 chipi by claudiitha andreaea

Andreaea Andreaearupestris3JPG
Andreaea California Moss eFlora treatment for Andreaea heinemannii
Andreaea Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria Andreaea rupestris
Andreaea CalPhotos Andreaea heinemannii Granite Moss
Andreaea httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Andreaea FileAndreaea rupestris a 141109472338 9778JPG Wikimedia Commons


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