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Andrea Wyatt

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Created by  Aaron Sorkin
Creator  Aaron Sorkin
Last appearance  "Institutional Memory"
Portrayed by  Kathleen York
First appearance  "Mandatory Minimums"
Significant other  Toby Ziegler
Andrea Wyatt
Occupation  U.S. Representative of Maryland (Seasons 1–7)
Spouse(s)  Toby Ziegler (divorced before start of series)
Children  Molly and Huck Ziegler-Wyatt
Similar  Toby Ziegler, Deborah Fiderer, Eleanor Bartlet, John Hoynes, Joey Lucas

Andrea 'Andy' Wyatt is a fictional character played by Kathleen York from the television serial drama The West Wing. She is a recurring character throughout the first five seasons and final seventh season. The Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives for the state of Maryland, she is a strong ally of the Bartlett White House and former wife of communications director, Toby Ziegler.

Character biography

Wyatt had seemingly been in office for some time prior to the beginning of the show, as during the third season she is referred to as being the third ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She later contested the seat in the 2002 election, winning with 85% of the vote. Wyatt was also divorced from Toby Ziegler by this time; the reasons for this are unknown, though some of the events leading to this were shown in the fourth season episode "Debate Camp". Despite attempts by Toby to reconcile after it is revealed that Wyatt is pregnant with their twins, this does not happen. The twins are born at the end of the fourth season and named Molly, who was named after the Secret Service agent murdered in the Zoey Bartlet kidnapping that night; and Huck (Huckleberry), after the Congresswoman's grandfather. She later took part in a Congressional delegation to the Middle East with White House Staffer Donna Moss and Admiral Percy Fitzwallace prior to the outset of the Bartlett administration's Peace Plan for the region.


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