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Andong Station

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Hangul  안동역
Revised Romanization  Andong-yeok
Operated by  Korail
Province  North Gyeongsang Province
Hanja  安東驛
McCune–Reischauer  Andong-yŏk
Opened  15 October 1930
Andong Station
Location  Unheung-dong, Andong, North Gyeongsang South Korea
Address  Unheung-dong, Andong-si, South Korea
Similar  Yeongju Station, Cheongnyangni Station, Uiseong Station, Hwabon Station, Yangdong Station

Korean trot singer kwang nam cho andong station at home

Andong Station is a railway station on the Jungang Line and formerly the Gyeongbuk Line.


At andong station


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