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Andic languages

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Geographic distribution:  Dagestan
Glottolog:  andi1254
Andic languages
Linguistic classification:  Northeast Caucasian Avar–Andic Andic

The Andic languages are a branch of the Northeast Caucasian language family. They are often grouped together with the Avar language and (formerly) with the Tsezic (Didoic) languages to form an Avar–Andic (or Avar–Andic–Didoic) branch of that family.

Internal branching

Schulze (2009) gives the following family tree for the Andic languages:

  • Andi (Qwannab)
  • Akhvakh–Tindi
  • Akhvakh
  • Karata–Tindi
  • Karata (Kirdi)
  • Botlikh–Tindi
  • Botlikh
  • Godoberi
  • Chamalal
  • Bagvalal–Tindi
  • Bagvalal
  • Tindi
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