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Andersonia (plant)

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Kingdom  Plantae
Rank  Genus
Family  Ericaceae
Order  Ericales
Andersonia (plant) angiobergianskaseBilderasteridsEricalesErica
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Andersonia is a genus of small evergreen shrubs in the family Ericaceae. The genus is endemic to the Southwest Botanical Province in Western Australia.

Species include:

  • Andersonia aristata Lindl. Rice Flower
  • Andersonia auriculata L.Watson
  • Andersonia axilliflora (Stschegl.) Druce - Giant Andersonia
  • Andersonia barbata L.Watson
  • Andersonia bifida L.Watson
  • Andersonia brevifolia Sond.
  • Andersonia caerulea R.Br. - Foxtails
  • Andersonia carinata L.Watson
  • Andersonia echinocephala (Stschegl.) Druce
  • Andersonia fallax Lemson ms
  • Andersonia ferricola Lemson
  • Andersonia geniculata Lemson
  • Andersonia gracilis DC.
  • Andersonia grandiflora Stschegl. - Red Andersonia;
  • Andersonia heterophylla Sond.
  • Andersonia involucrata Sond.
  • Andersonia latiflora (F.Muell.) Benth.
  • Andersonia lehmanniana Sond.
  • Andersonia longifolia (Benth.) L.Watson
  • Andersonia macranthera F.Muell.
  • Andersonia micrantha R.Br.
  • Andersonia mysosma Lemson ms
  • Andersonia nymphaea Lemson ms
  • Andersonia opalescens Lemson ms
  • Andersonia parvifolia R.Br.
  • Andersonia pinaster Lemson
  • Andersonia redolens Lemson
  • Andersonia saxatilis Lemson ms
  • Andersonia setifolia Benth.
  • Andersonia simplex (Stschegl.) Druce - Spiked Andersonia
  • Andersonia sp. Frankland (W. Jackson BJ8)
  • Andersonia sp. Kulin (J.M. Powell 2588)
  • Andersonia sp. Lower King (N. Hoyle 1500)
  • Andersonia sp. Mitchell River (B.G. Hammersley 925)
  • Andersonia sprengelioides R.Br.
  • Andersonia virolens Lemson ms
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