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Anderson Road, Hong Kong

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Traditional Chinese  安達臣道
Major cities  Hong Kong
Anderson Road, Hong Kong

Anderson Road is a road on the eastern border of the New Territories and New Kowloon in Hong Kong. It starts near the junction of Clear Water Bay Road and New Clear Water Bay Road, above Shun Lee Estate, and runs southeast windingly to Tsiu Lan Shue (蕉欄樹) and continues eastward on the hills above Sau Mau Ping, and finally ends Po Lam Road in Ma Yau Tong.


Map of Anderson Rd, Hong Kong

The east side of road is a hill of Tai Sheung Tok. The hill top become a large quarry, Anderson Road Quarry, and was removed over years. The quarry, together with those in Shek O and Lam Tei, are only three quarries still operating in Hong Kong. As the quarry is on the ridge surrounding Kowloon, it is considered that the quarry damages the beauty and the fungshui of Victoria Harbour. Recovering effort, including plantation, is in progress.


The road is one of earliest roads built by British Army after British got the lease of New Territories from the Qing in 1899. It is named after William John Anderson, Controller of Stores in Government Supplies of Hong Kong Government.

The original road was longer than its present. After reaching Lau Tong, present-day Ma Yau Tong, it ran south to west slope of Black Hill and Hai Wan (present-day Chiu Keng Wan Shan). It further went south to near the top of Devil's Peak and ended near Sam Ka Tsun (present-day Sam Ka Tsuen). This road section later partly overlapped with the Stage 3 of Wilson Trail, and part of the final section to Sam Ka Tsuen is now an access road to the Junk Bay Chinese Permanent Cemetery.

The road was commented in military as a road suitable for man-handled guns.

In 1950s, when the Hong Kong Government sent refugees of Kuomintang to the area of Rennie's Mill, where some churches were built along part of the road, which was extended from the southern end of the present-day Anderson Road to the present-day Po Lam Road South). Until the late 1980s, this road was only used by residents in Rennie's Mill.


Only few stores, farmlands, the quarry, warehouses are located beside the road. Haven of Hope Sunnyside School is sited on the Po Lam end of the road.

Public Transport

Since the cancellation of KMB Bus Route 90 (Tiu Keng Leng<->Choi Hung) in 1996, no public transport routes use Anderson Road. However, buses via Po Lam Road and Clear Water Bay Road include the Anderson Road bus stop.


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