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Anderson Hunt Brown

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Anderson Hunt Brown
Full Name  Anderson Hunt Brown
Born  1880Baltimore, Maryland, U.S
Died  1974, West Virginia, United States
Children  Andrea L. Taylor, Della Hardman

Anderson Hunt Brown (1880 – 1974), was an American businessman. He was a very successful African-American man in West Virginia. A.H. Brown worked on behalf of citizens and residents of the for the integration of public schools in Brown vs. Board of Education in 1928.

In 1928, the high court desegregated the Charleston library in a for A. H. Brown. Willard L. Brown, the son of A. H. Brown, was the lead lawyer for the West Virginia NAACP in the historic U.S. Supreme Court school desegregation ruling in 1954. Generally known as Brown v. Board of Education, the far-reaching case included West Virginia and 16 other states, and the District of Columbia.


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