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Andean emerald

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Apodiformes
Genus  Agyrtria
Higher classification  Amazilia
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Trochilidae
Scientific name  Amazilia franciae
Rank  Species
Andean emerald Andean emerald Wikipedia
Similar  Hummingbird, Bird, Amazilia, Fawn‑breasted brilliant, Buff‑tailed coronet

Andean emerald amazilia franciae anori c andes

The Andean emerald (Agyrtria franciae) is a species of hummingbird found at forest edge, woodland, gardens and scrub in the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru. It is generally fairly common. It is green above and white below. Some subspecies have a blue crown.


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Andean emerald Overview Andean Emerald Amazilia franciae Neotropical Birds
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Andean emerald Wikipedia

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