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Andalucista Youth

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Secretary General  Francisco Benítez
Mother party  Andalucista Party
Founded  1983 (1983)
Andalucista Youth
Headquarters  C/ Rastro Nº 8, Seville, Spain
Ideology  Andalusian nationalism Leftism, Republicanism
European affiliation  European Free Alliance Youth

Andalucista Youth (Spanish: Juventudes Andalucistas, abbreviated JJ.AA.) is the youth wing of Partido Andalucista, in Andalusia, Spain. As of 2012 David Gómez has been the national secretary of JJ.AA. JJ.AA. is a member of the Youth Council of Andalusia. As of 1999, JJ.AA. claimed a membership of 9,864.

JJ.AA. held its third congress in Torremolinos in March 1988. At the congress the organization adopted a resolution calling for the right of self-determination for Andalusia. The congress elected Julián Álvarez, a law student, as its new general secretary. Álvarez later became the general secretary of the mother party.

As of 2007, Miguel Ángel Jiménez has served as the general secretary of JJ.AA. After Jiménez's mandate, a Collegiate Organ manages the organisation.

As of December 2013, after the XIII National Congress held in Coria del Río, Francisco Benítez de la Lama was elected as Secretary General.

After mother party's Partido Andalucista dissolution in 2015, Juventudes Andalucistas kept their political activity focusing in the Andalusian youth.


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