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And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Released  June 24, 2008
And I Love H.E.R. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2008)  Where Is Danny? (2011)
Release date  15 April 2008
Producer  Danny!
Length  72:00
Artist  Danny!
Genre  Hip-hop/rap
And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb9
Label  Badenov Records/1911 Music
Similar  21st Century Masters, The College Kicked‑Out, Dream - Interrupted, Dream - Extinguished, Payback

And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, also referred to as simply And I Love H.E.R., is MC/producer Danny!'s full-length follow-up to 2006's Charm and the second in a series of concept albums (succeeded by 2012's Payback). The record was released to universal acclaim, cited by ABC News and L.A. Weekly as one of the best releases of 2008 (see 2008 in music). And I Love H.E.R. was expected to be released on January 22, but was postponed until June 24 for various reasons. Around the time of its original projected release date a promotional poster surfaced on URB Magazine's website, revealing Tanya Morgan's Von Pea, Brooklyn MC Che Grand and Kidz in the Hall's Naledge as the "film"'s "co-stars".


And I Love H.E.R. was notable for introducing yet another musical direction for Danny!, who was experimenting with hip house, downtempo and electronica during the record's inception to produce a sort of "lounge-hop" hybrid that has since become his definitive style. Tracks such as "Not The One", "At What Price" and "Do You" were cited by critics as stand-out songs and are examples of Danny!'s new sound.


Originally assumed to be Danny!'s debut release under new recording home Definitive Jux Records, it appears as if And I Love H.E.R. is, like Danny Is Dead before it, yet another independent release, making the album Danny!'s fifth studio album and eleventh release under his vanity 1911 Music/Badenov Records imprint. It is unknown why the album, nor its successor Where Is Danny?, was not an official Def Jux release, considering that Danny! had not yet released an album through the label nor publicly defected from them at the time. As such, much speculation has risen regarding the release of this album.

Contrary to the album's subtitle, And I Love H.E.R. is not actually a "soundtrack" but rather a concept album chronicling the story of Danny!'s love affair with hip-hop music. Both And I Love H.E.R.'s title and cover art was inspired by the Beatles' 1964 feature film A Hard Day's Night, with "And I Love Her" being one of the signature songs from the film's soundtrack. Other songs, such as "I Want H.E.R. (She's So Heavy)" and "Yoko Ono", also make reference to the Beatles. Meanwhile, the usage of "H.E.R." as an acronym is an allusion to "I Used to Love H.E.R." by fellow rapper Common, the 1994 song which personified hip-hop as a woman and former love interest.


And I Love H.E.R. was met with generally positive reviews, ultimately earning an 81% rating from review aggregator Metacritic. Pitchfork described the record as an "engaging, thoroughly promising album", citing the song "Wanderland" as And I Love H.E.R.'s "most compelling moment" and "The Groove" as having an aesthetic similar to André 3000's "Hey Ya!". And I Love H.E.R. also received praises from Allmusic, Okayplayer, and Performer Magazine, who featured Danny! on its front cover only months prior. The record was met with year-end recognition toward 2008's closing, landing on numerous "best of" lists compiled by ABC News, Coke Machine Glow and Allmusic.


2Guess Who's Back (feat Naledge)3:44
3I Want HER (She's So Heavy) (feat Brittany Bosco)5:06


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