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And Another Thing... (album)

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Released  2000
Artist  Graham Gouldman
Genre  Pop music
Length  44:14
Release date  2000
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Label  Four Your Love/Dome Records
Producers  Graham Gouldman, Andrew Gold, Gordon Kennedy, Mike Stevens, Simon Whitfield, Rick Fenn
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Graham gouldman and another thing

And Another Thing... is an album by former 10cc guitarist Graham Gouldman. Released in 2000, the album was a mix of new songs and tracks from earlier stages of Gouldman's musical career. The title was a reference to his first solo album, released in 1968: The Graham Gouldman Thing.


The album featured long-time Gouldman collaborator Andrew Gold on six tracks and former 10cc guitarist Rick Fenn on two tracks. Former Squeeze singer-songwriter Chris Difford also assisted, along with Madness singer Graham McPherson (aka Suggs).

One song, "Walking With Angels", was co-written with Nashville session guitarist and writer Gordon Kennedy, responsible for Eric Clapton's "Change the World", while "Dancing Days' was co-written with former Nashville Songwriter of the Year Gary Burr.

In album liner notes, Gouldman commented about his inclusion of "Heart Full of Soul", a major hit for the Yardbirds in 1965: "Besides Chris Isaak's excellent version, I have not heard that many recordings of this, one of my earliest songs."

On "You Stole My Love": "First recorded by The Mockingbirds circa 1966 and released on the Immediate label. The band was myself, Bernard Basso, Stephen Jacobson and one Kevin Godley ... I have always loved the song but was unhappy with the middle section of it, so I decided to lift the chorus of another of my songs, 'Schoolgirl' and use it in 'You Stole My Love'."

On "Walkin' Away": "One of three songs written with Gary Barlow" (former Take That front man). It reminds me of the first record I ever bought, 'Cathy's Clown' by the Everly Brothers. Gary recorded another song, 'Stronger', that we wrote on the same session that was to be a single for him."

On "Ready To Go Home", a song included on the 1995 10cc album Mirror Mirror: "This was written not long after my dad died and it reflects my feelings at the time. I suppose I was trying to put a positive slant on his passing, remembering all the things we had done together and his artistic legacy to me. The last verse of the song best reflects my feelings on this. This song has been recorded by many artists and remains one of my favourites. Very emotional."

On the unlisted bonus track, Gouldman plays a simple guitar accompaniment as he sings a light-hearted post-script to his 23-year career in 10cc, presumably repeating the questions most asked since the band's 1995 breakup:

Graham gouldman and another thing

Track listing

  1. "You Stole My Love" (Graham Gouldman, Barry Greenfield) – (3:12)
  2. "Walking With Angels" (Gouldman, Gordon Kennedy) – 5:23
  3. "Dancing Days" (Gouldman, Gary Burr) – 3:56
  4. "Just Another Day" (Gouldman, Claudio Guidetti, Frank Musker) – 4:07
  5. Sometimes" (Gouldman, Andrew Gold) – 3:53
  6. There Was a Day" (Gouldman, Chris Difford, Graham McPherson) – 3:47
  7. "Heart Full of Soul" (Gouldman) – 3:15
  8. "Ready to Go Home" (Gouldman, Gold) – 4:27
  9. "Single Tonight" (Gouldman, Guidetti, Musker) – 4:03
  10. "Walkin' Away" (Gouldman, Gary Barlow) – 3:23
  11. "Can Anybody See You?" (Gouldman) – 4:09
  12. Untitled bonus track – 0:37


  • Graham Gouldman – vocals, guitars, bass
  • Andrew Gold – backing vocals, keyboards, drums, guitar, slide guitar, drum programming, piano, organ, harmonica
  • Gordon Kennedy – guitar
  • Claudio Guidetti – backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, drum programming, percussion
  • Rick Fenn – drum programming ("There Was a Day"), backing vocals, guitars ("Heart Full of Soul")
  • Chris Difford – backing vocals
  • Graham McPherson – backing vocals
  • Elio Rivagli – drums
  • Mike Stevens – backing vocals, keyboards, flute
  • Jonny Dyke – organ
  • Miles Benedict – keyboards, drum programming
  • Lincoln Jean-Marie – lead vocals, backing vocals ("Ready to Go Home")
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