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Ancient Diocese of Saint Omer

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Ancient Diocese of Saint-Omer

The former French Catholic diocese of Saint-Omer existed from 1559 until the French Revolution. Its see at Saint-Omer, in the modern department of Pas-de-Calais, was created as a reaction to the destruction of the see of Thérouanne, by military action in the wars of the Emperor Charles V. It then became a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Cambrai in 1559.

By the Concordat of 1801, the diocese of Saint-Omer was united with the diocese of Arras and the diocese of Boulogne, to form an enlarged diocese of Arras.


  • Guillaume de Poitiers 1561
  • Gérard de Haméricourt 1563-1577
  • Jean Six 1581-1586
  • Jacques de Pamèle 1587
  • Jean de Vernois, O.P., 1591-1599
  • Jacques Blaseus, O.F.M. Rec., 1600-1618 (previously bishop of Namur)
  • Paul Jacques Boudot 1618-1627 (then bishop of Arras)
  • Pierre Paunet, O.F.M., 1628-1631
  • Christophe de Morlet 1632-1633
  • Christophe de France 1635-1656
  • Ladislas Jonnart 1662-1671 (then archbishop of Cambrai)
  • Jacques Théodore de Brias 1672-1675 (then archbishop of Cambrai)
  • Jean Charles de Longueval 1676
  • Pierre Van Den Perre 1577
  • Armand-Anne-Tristan de La Baume de Suze 1677
  • Louis-Alphonse de Valbelle 1677-1708 (previously bishop of Alet)
  • François de Valbelle de Tourves 1708-1727
  • Joseph-Alphonse de Valbelle de Tourves 1727-1754
  • Pierre-Joseph de Brunes de Monlouet 1754-1765 (previously bishop of Dol)
  • Louis-François-Marc-Hilaire de Conzié 1766-1769 (then bishop of Aire)
  • Joachim-François-Mamert de Conzié 1769-1775 (then archbishop of Tours)
  • Jean-Auguste de Chastenet de Puységur 1775-1778 (then bishop of Carcassonne)
  • Alexandre-Joseph-Alexis de Bruyère de Chalabre 1778-1790 (1796)
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