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Anauk Mibaya

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Anauk Mibaya

Anauk Mibaya (Burmese: အနောက်မိဘုရား [ənaʊʔ mḭbəjá]; lit. Western Queen) is one of 37 nats in the official Burmese pantheon of nats. She was Queen Shin Mi-Nauk, consort of King Minkhaung I and mother of Crown Prince Minye Kyawswa and King Thihathu of Ava. Her son Thihathu also entered the pantheon as Aung Pinle Hsinbyushin.

She allegedly died of a heart attack after being startled by seeing Min Kyawzwa (U Min Gyaw) on a magic stallion in a cotton field. She is portrayed with a headdress sitting on a lotus and nursing her baby.


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