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Anatoly Savenko

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Nationality  Russia
Name  Anatoly Savenko
Died  1922, Kerch, Ukraine

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Full Name  Anatoly Ivanovich Savenko
Born  December 16, 1874 (1874-12-16) Pereiaslav, Russian Empire
Occupation  social and political activist, lawyer, writer, essayist and journalist

Anatoly Ivanovich Savenko (Russian: Савенко, Анатолий Иванович; 28 December 1874 in Pereiaslav, Poltava Governorate, Russian Empire – 1922 in Kerch, USSR) was a Russian social and political activist, lawyer, writer, essayist and journalist.

Author of numerous publications political and economic nature in a number of newspapers: "Kievlyanin", "Kievskoye slovo" in the magazine "Life and Art" (as a staff member), in the newspapers "Podolyanin", "Svet", "Moskovskiye Vedomosti", "Novoye Vremya", "Odessa Leaf" and others.

Founder and Chairman of the Law and Order (1905-1906). Co-founder and deputy chairman (since 1912 - chairman) of the Kiev Club of Russian Nationalists (1908-1918), a member of the All-Russian National Union (1912-1918) and its General Council (1912-1915). IV State Duma deputy in the nationalist faction and the moderate right (1912-1915). One of the organizers and leaders of the parliamentary faction of progressive nationalists (1915-1917). Commissar of the Provisional Committee of the State Duma and the Provisional Government. Deputy chairman of Russian voters, nonpartisan unit (1919).

One of the main ideologists of Russian nationalism. Critic and implacable political opponent of Ukrainian nationalism.

Member of the White movement in the South of Russia, Head of the Kiev branch OSVAGa and actual head of Kyiv in autumn 1919 after the capture of Kiev of the Volunteer Army. Author of the booklet "Little Russians or Ukrainians?" (1919). The founder of the newspaper "Kievan Rus" (1919). Emigrated from Russia in 1920, but the following year he returned secretly to Soviet Russia, where he was hiding under a false name. Died in Kerch in 1922.


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