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Anatoly Leman

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Anatoly Leman
Full Name  Анатолий Иванович Леман
Born  June 13, 1859 (1859-06-13) Moscow, Russian Empire
Occupation  writer, publisher, music instruments manufacturer
Died  24 September 1913, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Anatoly Ivanovich Leman (Russian: Анатолий Иванович Леман, 13 June 1859, Moscow, Imperial Russia, — 24 September 1913, Saint Petersburg, Imperial Russia) was a Russian writer, and editor, also known as a manufacturer of musical string instruments and a professional billiards player.

Leman regularly published stories and novels in Nablyudatel, Istorichesky Vestnik, Vsemirnaya Illyustratsia. Some of them came as a separate editions, including The Gentry's Tale (Дворянская повесть, 1886) and Sour Milk (Кефир, 1891). While in Moscow, in 1884—1885 he edited the magazine Razvlechenye.

He authored the book of memoirs the The Life of a Cadet (Очерки кадетской жизни, 1879), the Theory of the Billiards textbook (Теория игры на биллиарде, 1885) as well as a dozen of luthier's guides and other books on the craft of violin and cello, of which the best known were The Book on Violin (1892) and Violin Acoustics (1903). During the 1905 Revolution he published the newspaper Rabochaya Nedelya (Working Week), was arrested and in 1906 acquitted.


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