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Kingdom  Animalia
Superorder  Syncarida
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
Subphylum  Crustacea
Scientific name  Anaspididae
Higher classification  Anaspidacea
Order  Anaspidacea
Anaspididae wwwmdfrcorgaubugguideimagesparanaspidesanasp
Similar  Anaspidacea, Syncarida, Bathynellacea, Anaspis, Anaspida

Anaspididae is a family of freshwater crustacean that is endemic to Tasmania, Australia. The family contains 3 genera and 5 species. This group of crustaceans are considered living fossils. They are commonly and collectively known as the Tasmanian anaspid crustaceans. Anaspidids have stalked eyes, long antennae and antennules, and a slender body with no carapace. The two species of Allanaspides and the single species of Paranaspides are all listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.


  • Allanaspides Swain, Wilson, Hickman & Ong, 1970
  • Allanaspides hickmani Swain, Wilson & Ong, 1970 – commonly known as Hickman's pygmy mountain shrimp
  • Allanaspides helonomus Swain, Wilson, Hickman & Ong, 1970
  • Anaspides Thomson, 1894
  • Anaspides tasmaniae Thomson, 1892
  • Anaspides spinulae Williams, 1965
  • Paranaspides Smith, 1908
  • Paranaspides lacustris Smith, 1909
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