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Anamizu, Ishikawa

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Country  Japan
Area  183.2 km²
Local time  Thursday 6:07 AM
Prefecture  Ishikawa Prefecture
Population  10,193 (2008)
District  Hōsu District, Ishikawa
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Time zone  Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Weather  3°C, Wind SE at 6 km/h, 93% Humidity
Regions  Chūbu region, Hokuriku region

Anamizu (穴水町, Anamizu-machi) is a town located in Hōsu District (formerly Fugeshi District), Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. As of 2008, the 183.24 km² town has an estimated population of 10,193 and a density of 55.63 persons per km². Anamizu and its surrounding area experienced the 2007 Noto earthquake on March 25, 2007.


Map of Anamizu, Hosu District, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan


The last weekend in January is the Anamizu Oyster Festival (カキまつり). At this festival, guests can purchase oysters or other foods from stalls and cook them on grills near the center of the venue. The venue changes every year but was held at the Anamizu Harbour Asunaro (穴水港湾あすなろ広場) in 2010. The third weekend in August is the celebration of Percival Lowell's contribution to astronomy and his time spent in the Noto peninsula. The main shopping street is lit with hundreds of candles and visitors can enjoy live music and food stalls. In the last week in October, the Anamizu Harvest Festival is celebrated. A few small stalls line the main shopping street in the town and visitors can enjoy some speciality foods. The Anamizu Town Festival (文化祭) is held the first weekend in November with events held all around the town, especially at the Noto Culture Centre.


In the spring, temperatures are between 15–25 degrees most days. Cherry and plum blossoms can be seen throughout the town, though March is the optimal month for plum blossoms, and April is the optimal month for cherry blossoms. In the summer, Anamizu is very humid with temperatures between 25–35 degrees. In autumn, temperatures are between 15–25 degrees most days. Leaves change colour all around the town, reaching their peak in late October and early November. Anamizu experiences snow between December and February every year with occasional snowfalls in November and March. On average, no more than 10 cm falls, though almost every season sees two to four snowfalls of 30 cm or more. Temperatures vary from 10 degrees to minus 4 during winter.

Landmarks and sites

Anamizu's symbol is the Boramachi Yagura (ボラ待ちやぐら), a distinctive wooden fishing structure of which there is one in the Noto Bay on both the southern and northern borders of Anamizu town. There is a Giant Buddha statue in a park just south of the main town.


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