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Country  Madagascar
District  Ihosy
Elevation  632 m
Population  5,000 (2001)
Region  Ihorombe
Time zone  EAT (UTC3)
Local time  Wednesday 11:21 PM
Weather  22°C, Wind SE at 6 km/h, 91% Humidity

Analavoka is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Ihosy, which is a part of Ihorombe Region. The population of the commune was estimated to be approximately 5,000 in 2001 commune census.

Map of Analavoka, Madagascar

Only primary schooling is available. Farming and raising livestock provides employment for 49.5% and 49.5% of the working population. The most important crop is rice, while other important products are peanuts and cassava. Services provide employment for 1% of the population.


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