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Anadara ovalis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Bivalvia
Family  Arcidae
Scientific name  Anadara ovalis
Phylum  Mollusca
Order  Arcoida
Genus  Anadara
Rank  Species
Anadara ovalis invasionssieduSpImageslunarcaovalisjpg
Similar  Anadara brasiliana, Anadara transversa, Arca imbricata, Anomia simplex, Barbatia candida

Anadara ovalis, or the blood ark clam, is a clam in the family Arcidae. It can be found along the Atlantic coast of North America, ranging from Massachusetts to the West Indies and Brazil. It resides from the low-tide line to a depth of ten feet.

The blood ark clam is often noted for its appearance, for it usually can be found two-thirds covered by Periostracum, or dark brown fur. It also noted for its red blood, which is a result of it containing hemoglobin; this makes it different from the majority of mollusks and earned it its name. The size of it typically is between one and three inches.


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