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Kingdom  Bacteria
Phylum  Cyanobacteria
Order  Nostocales
Family  Aphanizomenonaceae
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Cylindrospermopsis, Planktothrix, Nostocales, Cylindrospermum, Nodularia

Anabaenopsis is a genus of filamentous, heterocystous cyanobacteria that reproduces by fragmentation and with akinetes. Anabaenopsis can produce microcystins, which are toxic to both humans and animals. The genus is primarily tropical and subtropical, with some species creating blooms in temperate regions during warmer seasons. Anabaenopsis contains bloom-formers among planktonic species.

Anabaenopsis Anabaenopsis elenkinii VVMiller Algaebase

The type species for the genus is Anabaenopsis elenkinii V.V.Miller, 1923.

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Anabaenopsis Prokaryote Nostocales Anabaenopsis flosaquae
Anabaenopsis Prokaryote Nostocales Anabaenopsis
Anabaenopsis Anabaenopsis


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