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An Naba

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Classification  Meccan
Position  Juzʼ 30
No. of verses  40
Other names  The Announcement
No. of Rukus  2
No. of words  174
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Surat an naba the tidings mishary rashid alafasy

Sūrat an-Nabaʼ (Arabic: سورة النبأ‎‎, “The Tidings”, “The Announcement”) is the seventy-eighth chapter (sura) of the Quran with 40 verses. Its forty verses are divided into two equal parts of twenty verses each. The first twenty are filled with the wonders of the worldly creation (the earth, plants, the peace of night shared by loving couples, the mountains and rain). The latter twenty are filled with the eternal wonders and horrors of the next world with raging sinner (the Arabic root TGY "tageena" is used) being punished starkly opposed with the rewarding of dutiful believers (the Arabic root WQY "mutaqeena" is employed as a poetic parataxis to TGY) in paradise.

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