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An Hysteric Return: P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall

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Released  1966
Release date  1966
Artist  P.D.Q. Bach
Label  Vanguard Records
An Hysteric Return: P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumba
An Hysteric Return P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall (1966)  Report from Hoople P. D. Q. Bach on the Air (1967)
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An Hysteric Return: P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall is live recording of a P. D. Q. Bach concert in Carnegie Hall and was released on Vanguard Records in 1966.



  • Professor Peter Schickele, bicycle, windbreaker, tromboon
  • The Royal P.D.Q. Bach Festival Orchestra, Jorge Mester, conductor
  • Lorna Haywood, soprano
  • Marlena Kleinman, alto
  • John Ferrante, tenor
  • William Woolf, bass
  • The Okay Chorale, John Nelson, director
  • Maurice Eisenstadt, bagpipes
  • Robert Lewis, balloons
  • Track listing

    1. Oratorio — The Seasonings, S. 1½ tsp. (P.D.Q. Bach)

  • Chorus: "Tarragon of virtue is full"
  • Recitative: "And there were in the same country"
  • Duet: "Bide thy thyme"
  • Fugue
  • Recitative: "Then asked he"
  • Chorale: "By the leeks of Babylon, There we sat down, yea, we wept"
  • Aria: "Open sesame seeds"
  • Recitative: "So saying"
  • Duet: "Summer is a cumin seed"
  • Chorus with soloists: "To curry favor, favor curry"
  • 2. "Unbegun" Symphony, (Prof. Schickele)

  • III. Minuet
  • IV. Andante — Allegro
  • 3. Pervertimento for Bagpipes, Bicycle and Balloons, S. 66 (P.D.Q. Bach)

  • Allegro moulto
  • Romanze II (Adagio Sireno)
  • Minaret and Trio
  • Romanze I (Chi Largo)
  • Presto Changio
  • References

    An Hysteric Return: P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall Wikipedia

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