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An Hyang

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Hangul  안향
Hangul  회헌
Hanja  安珦
Hanja  晦軒

Revised Romanization  An Hyang
Name  An Hyang
McCune–Reischauer  An Hyang
Died  1306
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An Hyang (1243–1306) also known as An Yu was a leading Confucian scholar born in Yeongju in present-day South Korea. He was from the Clan Ahn of Sunheung. He is considered the founder of Neo-Confucianism in Korea, introducing Song Confucianism to the Goryeo kingdom. An Hyang visited China, transcribing the Chu Tzu Shu and bringing his copy and portraits of Confucius and Zhu Xi to Korea to use in his revitalization of Confucianism. He strove to replace Buddhism with Confucianism.

There is a portrait of him at the Sosu Seowon, which was built as a memorial to the scholar. There is also a statue of him on Banya-san in Nonsan.


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