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Amplifier (Dance Exponents album)

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Released  1986
Artist  The Exponents
Label  Universal Music Ltd.
Recorded  1986
Release date  1986
Genre  Pop music
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Producer  John Jansen and Doug Rogers
Amplifier (1986)  Something Beginning with C (The Exponents) (1992)
Similar  Grassy Knoll, Prayers Be Answered, Sex and Agriculture: The Very, Something Beginning with C, Live at Mainstreet

Amplifier is an album by the New Zealand band Dance Exponents (later known as The Exponents), released in 1986. The album peaked at #18 and spent four weeks on the New Zealand Album Chart. The CD version was released in 1992 with an alternative cover and two additional tracks but has since been deleted. In May 2013, Universal Music re-released the album digitally for the first time in New Zealand in a remastered extended edition. The extended edition has the original LP cover and running order and adds three additional tracks, two from the CD release and one additional B-side. It also restores "Worldwide Wireless" to its full length after it was edited for the CD release.


Track listing

  1. "Time X Space" (Sheehan/Dance Exponents)
  2. "Only I Could Die (And Love You Still)" (Luck/Sheehan)
  3. "Sex And Agriculture" (Jones/Luck)
  4. "Halcyon Rain" (Cowan/Luck)
  5. "Brodelia The Cat" (Luck)
  6. "Birth Of The Reds" (Luck/Sheehan)
  7. "As I Love You" (Jones/Luck/Sheehan)
  8. "Worldwide Wireless" (Fitzgerald/Gent/Jones/Luck/Sheehan)
  9. "Caroline Skies" (Luck/Dance Exponents)

Additional tracks on 2013 digital extended edition:

  1. "Victoria" (Luck)
  2. "Brand New Doll" (Luck)
  3. "One Sad River" (Luck)

Band Members

  • Jordan Luck (vocals)
  • Brian Jones (guitar/vocals)
  • David Gent (bass guitar)
  • Chris Sheehan (guitars)
  • Eddie Olson (drums/vocals)
  • Credits

  • Co-produced by John Jansen and Doug Rogers
  • Recorded and mixed by Doug Rogers, Rhys Moody and John Jansen
  • Assistant engineer - Nelson Ayres
  • Recorded at Harlequin Studios, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Mixed at The House Of Music, New York
  • Songs

    1Time X Space4:10
    2Only I Could Die4:35
    3Sex and Agriculture4:01


    Amplifier (Dance Exponents album) Wikipedia

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