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Ambrosio Morales

Name  Ambrosio Morales
Education  University of Salamanca
Died  1591
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Ambrosio de Morales (b. Cordoba, Spain, 1513; died September 1591) was a historian. After his studies at the University of Salamanca and Alcala, he took Holy orders. Soon he was elected to the chair of Belles-Lettres at Alcala. In 1574 he was appointed chronicler of Castile and commissioned to continue Florian de Ocampo's Cronica General de Espana. This he brought down, after ten years of labour on it, to the date of the union of Castile and Leon under Ferdinand I. His pupil Sandoval continued it down to 1079.

Published works

  • Cronica general de Espana, prosiguiendo adelante los cinco libros que el Maestro Florian Docampo, Coronista del Emperador D. Carlos V dexo escritos (Alcala, 1574, 3 vols., and see also the ed. of Madrid, 1791-2).
  • De las antiguedades de las ciudades de Espana; and the Viaje por orden del Rey D. Felipe II etc.
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