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Amaryllis (given name)

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Amaryllis (given name)

Amaryllis (Αμαρυλλίς) is a female ancient Greek name and means "sparkling". According the mythology, the name of the beautiful flower Amaryllis derived from the nymph Amaryllis.


Amaryllis is not a very popular name in Greece, nor in other countries. It is not included in the Greek Orthodox calendar, that means, that Greek Orthodox knows no nameday for Amaryllis.

The sources of this female name are located in the ancient Greek and Roman literature. In Theocritus’ Idylls, Amaryllis was wandering in the woods, and the Roman poet Virgil wrote of her as a singer that appeared in the Eclogue. The nymph Amaryllis and her story inspired the name of the (Christmas) flower Amaryllis that is known today. In English, the flower is also called belladonna or Jersey Lily.

There are several nicknames deriving from name Amaryllis, including Roula, Lia, Amara and Litsa, but in general Amaryllis does not have many diminuitives and nicknames.


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