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Alpha Mom (TV series)

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Initial release  2006
First episode date  2007
Director  Bill Lawrence
Production design  Cabot McMullen
Cast  Michael Mosley, Justina Machado, Kevin Rahm, Preston Bailey, Scott Holroyd
Similar  Moosecock, Bog Creatures, Room 314, The Insurgents, Of Love & Betrayal

See Alpha mum for the concept

"Alpha Mom" is a 2006 television show about a working mom who is trying to balance her job, children and her stay-at-home husband.

There was an Alpha Mom cable channel, website and television pilot titled "Alphamom" slated for NBC's 2006-07 season.

The term Alpha Mom was coined in 2004 by the branding artist and Designer Constance Van Flandern in development of the Comcast On-Demand Television Network originally slated as "The Mommy Channel". While promoting the Alpha Mom Channel, Isabel Kallman, a new mom herself, began to be identified as the Alpha Mom. The June 20, 2005 issue of New York Magazine magnified this perception with a cover story on Alpha Mom Television and Isabel Kallman.


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