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Allsvenskan (bandy)

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Sport  Bandy
Country  Sweden
Relegation to  Division 1
Founded  2007
Promotion to  Elitserien
No. of teams  30 (in three groups) 2007/08 and 2008/09 24 (in two groups) since 2009

Allsvenskan (literally, "The All Swedish") (Swedish: Allsvenskan i bandy) is since the 2007–08 the second highest level of bandy in Sweden and comprises 24 teams in two regional groups. This change was made when Allsvenskan and Elitserien were cancelled and a new top-tier called Elitserien was created.



During the first two years, Allsvenskan consisted of three groups with ten teams in each, i.e. a total of 30 teams. The groups were divided geographically, in Allsvenskan Norra (North), Allsvenskan Mellersta (Mid) and Allsvenskan Södra (South).

For the third season, 2009–10, Allsvenskan was restructured into two groups, Norra and Södra, with 12 teams each, so there were only 24 teams left in total. This structure has so far (2014) been kept since then.

2015–16 teams

The following 24 teams will take part in the 2015–16 season:

Former teams

Due to many promotions to Elitserien and relegations to Division 1, there have been many clubs playing in Allsvenskan through the years. They are all in the following list with information about the seasons they played in Allsvenskan.

means the club was promoted to Elitserien for the following season means the club was relegated to Division 1 for the following season means the club had qualified for Allsvenskan but choose to withdraw.


Allsvenskan (bandy) Wikipedia

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