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Allium tulipifolium

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Kingdom  Plantae
Clade  Monocots
Family  Amaryllidaceae
Rank  Species
Clade  Angiosperms
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Allioideae
Allium tulipifolium

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Allium tulipifolium is an Asian species of wild onion native to Xinjiang, Kazakhstan and Altay Krai. It is found at elevations of 600–1000 m.

Allium tulipifolium has round to egg-shaped bulbs up to 20 mm in diameter. Scape is up to 40 cm tall, round in cross-section. Leaves are flat, waxy, up to 2 cm across, much shorter than scape, with a pink or dark green margin. Umbel has many flowers, the tepals white with dark green or purple mid-veins.


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