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Allan Blaer

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Name  Allan Blaer
Role  Physicist
Education  Columbia University

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Allan Blaer (born 1942) is a physicist, Professor Emeritus and Special Lecturer at Columbia University in New York City. He received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University in 1964, where he was the valedictorian. He later went on to obtain his PhD in physics at the same institution. He has done research in both theoretical and experimental physics. In quantum field theory, he worked on phase transitions in low-temperature bosonic and fermionic systems, quantum field theory anomalies, dyons and magnetic monopoles in non-abelian gauge theories, and renormalization theory. In experimental physics, he has worked on a precision measurement of vacuum polarization in muonic atoms to test quantum electrodynamics.

Blaer was the director of undergraduate studies until 2008. Alongside a group of physics majors, Blaer established the Columbia University Chapter of the Society of Physics Students in November 1980. He currently runs the highly selective Columbia University Science Honors Program.

Blaer has also earned a reputation for being an excellent teacher of physics, particularly for his graduate classical electrodynamics course at Columbia, for which he has taught for decades.


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