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All in Good Time (Patrick Street album)

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Released  1993
Artist  Patrick Street
Producer  Bill Whelan
Length  43:54
Release date  1993
Label  Green Linnet Records
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Recorded  Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland
All in Good Time (1993)  The Best of Patrick Street (1995)
Genres  Folk music of Ireland, Folk music
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All in Good Time is the fourth album by the Irish folk band Patrick Street, released in 1993 on Green Linnet Records/Special Delivery.


The founding members (Andy Irvine, Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Arty McGlynn) were joined by Bill Whelan on keyboards and backing vocals.

Recording and production

The album was arranged by Patrick Street and Bill Whelan, produced by Bill Whelan, engineered by Pearse Dunne, and recorded at Windmill Lane Studios.

Critical reception

All in Good Time received positive reviews from folk music critics.

In his review for Folk Roots (May 1993), Colin Irwin stated:

  • "They were always a class act. Three years after they last weaved among us, they return to demonstrate exactly what we have missed. Such fine touch. Such subtlety. Such smooth artistry. Such relaxed control. Few have ever done it better."
  • "It is, you may take it, a supremely satisfying selection free of the blazing saddles with which most people now associate Celtic music."
  • "Nothing Andy Irvine is involved in could ever be heavy-handed, and in the majestic partnership of Kevin Burke and squeeze box maestro Jackie Daly, he has admirably sympathetic foils; while the McGlynn guitar root to it is both sturdy and welcoming."
  • "None of them has anything to prove. They are not a band of young Turks out to impress. They each have a mind-boggling back catalogue of classic material on their CVs, and you come away from this one knowing that this new Patrick Street album isn't so much of a career move as four great musicians (and we mustn't overlook the contributions of Bill Whelan) taking the opportunity to revel in the joy that comes when four exceptionally gifted musicians play together with empathy and like-mindedness."
  • In his review for The Living Tradition, Gordon Potter added:

  • "Patrick Street are without doubt one of the finest Irish - or any other nationality you care to mention - groups to have graced us with their presence. As anyone has heard their earlier records knows, they have set themselves exceptionally high standards to follow."
  • "What would you expect, however from a line-up comprising Kevin Burke on fiddle, Jackie Daly on accordion, Arty McGlynn on guitar, Bill Whelan on keyboards and the peerless Andy Irvine on everything else, including vocals?"
  • "Every number is tight yet relaxed, balanced and subtle and some of the tunes, for example "Billy Wilson", learned from The Red Clay Ramblers just knock you out with their sheer artistry. The sense of enjoyment that these guys get from their playing is illustrated in the lead-in to "Dennis Murphy's Reel" where they even leave in a false start - relaxed or what?"
  • "We shouldn't forget the songs, either. Here we have a range of material reaching from Maurice Leyden's "The Girls Along The Road", which has more words per line than is good for anyone trying to sing it, to a superb trilogy of songs commenting in very different ways on the cotton workers' plight. Andy Irvine's own song "A Prince Among Men (Only A Miner)" is one which I suspect we will hear being sung around the circuit before too long, with its gentle rhythm and magnificent sentiments."
  • "All in all, this is a recording of outstanding quality which should be in the collection of everybody who appreciates groups who allow the music to speak for itself."
  • Track listing

    1. "Walsh's Polkas" (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 3:29
    2. "A Prince Among Men (Only A Miner)" (song) (Andy Irvine) – 4:26
    3. "Frank Quinn's Reel"/"Lad O'Beirne's"/"Murphy's Reel"
      (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 4:06
    4. "Lintheads:" – 7:41
      1. "The Pride Of The Springfield Road" (song) (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
      2. "Lawrence Common" (instrumental) (Andy Irvine)
      3. "Goodbye Monday Blues" (song) (Andy Irvine and Si Kahn)
    5. "Light & Airy"/"All in Good Time" (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 3:00
    6. "The Mouth of the Tobique"/"Billy Wilson" (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 3:02
    7. "The Girls Along the Road" (song) (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine) – 3:22
    8. "The Thames Hornpipe"/"The Fairy Queen" (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 2:49
    9. "Dennis Murphy's Reel"/"The Bag of Spuds"/"MacFarley's Reel"
      (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 4:35
    10. "Carrowclare" (song) (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine) – 4:43
    11. "Lynch's Barn Dances" (Trad. Arr. Patrick Street and Bill Whelan) – 2:41


  • Andy Irvine (vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonica)
  • Kevin Burke (fiddle)
  • Jackie Daly (accordion)
  • Arty McGlynn (guitar)
  • Bill Whelan (keyboards, backing vocals)
  • Songs

    1Walsh's Polkas3:30
    2A Prince Among Men (Only a Miner)4:26
    3Frank Quinn's Reel / Lad O'Beirne's / Murphy's Reel4:06


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