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All Pakistan Awami Muslim League

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All Pakistan Awami Muslim League

All Pakistan Awami Muslim League (Urdu: آل پاکستان عوامی مسلم لیگ‎) or the East Pakistan Awami Muslim League is the political party founded by Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy and which later evolved into the Awami League, the party that, under the leadership of Shaikh Mujibur Rahman (himself a former aide to Suharwardy). It was established as the Bengali alternative to the domination of the Muslim League in Pakistan and over centralisation of the government. The party quickly gained massive popular support in East Bengal, later named East Pakistan, and eventually led the forces of Bengali nationalism in the struggle against West Pakistan's military and political establishment.

The All Pakistan Awami Muslim League was formed as a breakaway faction of the "All Pakistan Muslim League" in 1949, within two years of the formation of Pakistan. The word Muslim was dropped in 1953. Two parties of the same name were created in Pakistan.


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