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All Out War (band)

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Record label  Victory Records
All Out War (band) wwwmetalarchivescomimages182118213photo
Years active  1991–2004, 2006–present
Labels  Victory Organized Crime Records
Origin  Newburgh, New York, United States (1991)
Albums  For Those Who Were Crucified, Truth in the Age of Lies
Members  Mike Score, Jim Antonelli, Jesse Sutherland, Matt Byrne
Genres  Metalcore, Crossover thrash, Thrash metal
Similar  Merauder, Earth Crisis, Sworn Enemy, Hatebreed, Cro‑Mags

All Out War is an American metalcore band from Newburgh, New York Formed in 1991. They have released five full-length albums between 1997 and 2010.


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The band played their first show together in Newburgh, New York at the Hudson Valley skate park in 1991. A riot broke out resulting in the police intervening. The line up was Darryl Quirk, Sam Carbone (rip), Tom Connelly (three members from A.W.O.L., an earlier hardcore band from Newburgh, N.Y.) and Mike Score. They are sometimes credited with having formed in 1993. The band's lineup shifted frequently in its early years before their first full-length release Truth in the Age of Lies on the German record label Gain Ground in 1997. Later in 1997 the band signed with the Chicago based record label Victory Records, where they released their second album For Those Who Were Crucified in 1998.

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Turmoil within the band continued in the years following the release of For Those Who Were Crucified with multiple band members entering and leaving the band. The band returned to the studio in 2003 to record their third full length, Condemned to Suffer, which was also released on Victory Records. In 2004 the band announced that they had officially broken up due to the inability of vocalist Mike Score to continue with the band.

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All Out War reunited in 2006, and released their fourth album Assassins in the House of God (2007). By early 2008 the band had left Victory Records. However, by early 2010, All Out War had returned to the record label and recorded Into the Killing Fields, which was released in August 2010.

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In late June 2015, All Out War will release a brand new EP, Dying Gods, on Organized Crime Records.

Current members

  • Mike Score – vocals
  • Erik Carrillo – bass
  • Taras Appuzzo – guitar
  • Andrew Pietrolungo – guitar
  • Jesse Sutherland – drums
  • Discography

    All Out War (band) UNITYHXCCOM Interview with All Out War
  • Destined to Burn 7" [Hardway Records] (1994)
  • Hymns of The Apocalypse 7"[Trip Machine Laboratories](2008)
  • "Philly Dust Krew" compilation cd [Too Damn Hype] (1994)
  • Truth in the Age of Lies [Gain Ground] (1997)
  • For Those Who Were Crucified cd/lp Victory Records -(1998)
  • Condemned to Suffer cd/lp Victory Records -(2003)
  • Assassins in the House of God cd/lp Victory Records-(2007)
  • Into the Killing Fields cd/lp Victory Records-(2010)
  • Truth In The Age Of Lies" cd/lp repress Organized Crime Records -(2012)
  • 1992 Demo (aka Sum Of All Fears)" 10" repress Organized Crime Records -(2012)
  • Dying Gods (EP) Organized Crime Records -(2015)
  • Songs

    Dying GodsDying Gods · 2015
    Condemned to SufferCondemned to Suffer · 2003
    Soaked in TormentFor Those Who Were Crucified · 1998


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