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All New Wolverine

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Schedule  Monthly
Publication date  2015
Artist  David López
Publisher  Marvel Comics
Format  Ongoing series
Writer  Tom Taylor
Genre  Superhero
All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine Marvel Heroes 2016
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All-New Wolverine is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in 2015 as part of a relaunch.

All-New Wolverine News Marvelcom

The character X-23 becomes the new Wolverine in the series, succeeding Logan, with a new costume resembling the original Wolverine's. The series is written by Tom Taylor with art by David López.

All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine has some killer new threads same old nononsense

The series began being reprinted in the UK in Panini's Wolverine and Deadpool title beginning in August 2016.

The issues have been collected in a number of graphic novels, issues #1-6 in The Four Sisters and issues #7-12 in Civil War II, and issues #13-17 in Enemy of the State II.

All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine 1 Issue
All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine Volume Comic Vine
All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine 2015 1 Comics Marvelcom
All-New Wolverine AllNew Wolverine Volume 1 The Four Sisters by Tom Taylor


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