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Alix, Dowager Princess of Ligne

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House  House of Bourbon-Parma
Name  Alix, Princess
Role  Princess of Luxembourg

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Born  24 August 1929 (age 89) Berg Castle, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg (1929-08-24)
Issue  Michel, 14th Prince of LignePrince WauthierPrincess Anne-MariePrincess Christine of Orleans-BraganzaPrincess Sophie, Comtesse de NicolayPrince AntoinePrincess Yolande
Father  Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma
Mother  Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Spouse  Antoine, 13th Prince of Ligne (m. 1950–2005)
Children  Michel, 14th Prince of Ligne, Princess Christine of Orleans-Braganza
Parents  Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma
Siblings  Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Grandchildren  Prince Pedro Luiz of Orleans-Braganza

Died  11 February 2019 (aged 89), Château de Belœil, Belgium

Similar  Princess Marie Adelaide of Luxembourg, Prince Felix of Bourbon Parma, Prince Felix of Bourbon Parma

Princess Alix of Luxembourg, Princess of Ligne

Alix, Dowager Princess of Ligne (Alix Marie Anna Antoinette Charlotte Gabrielle; 24 August 1929 – 11 February 2019) was the fourth daughter and youngest child of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, and Felix of Bourbon-Parma. She was, by birth, Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and Princess of Bourbon-Parma. She was the sister of Grand Duke Jean and the aunt of Grand Duke Henri.


Marriage and issue

Alix, Dowager Princess of Ligne Luxarazzi Luxarazzi 101 Princess Alix of Luxembourg Princess of Ligne

On 17 August 1950 in Luxembourg Princess Alix married Antoine, 13th Prince de Ligne, (8 March 1925 – 21 August 2005). They have issue:

  • Michel, 14th Prince de Ligne (born 26 May 1951) - in 1981 he married Princess Eleanora of Orléans-Braganza. They have two children:
  • Princess Alix de Ligne (born 3 July 1984), married on 18 June 2016 Count Guillaume de Dampierre (born 1985, third cousin twice-removed of Emanuelle de Dampierre, Duchess of Segovia, through shared descent from Aymar, Marquis de Dampierre 1787-1845).
  • Henri Antoine, Hereditary Prince of Ligne (born 3 March 1989)
  • Prince Wauthier de Ligne (born 10 July 1952) - In 1976 he married Countess Regine de Renesse. They have issue:
  • Prince Philippe de Ligne (born 29 May 1977) - In 2008 he married Jonkvrouw Laetitia Rolin, and they have issue:
  • Prince Jean-Charles de Ligne (born 11 June 2010)
  • Princess Alienor de Ligne (born 2 July 2012)
  • Princess Melanie-Yolande de Ligne (born 19 June 1979) married Paul Weingarten on 17 September 2011, and they have issue.
  • Princess Elisabeth-Eleonore de Ligne (born 27 June 1983) - she married Baron Baudouin Gillès de Pelichy on 9 July 2005, and they have issue.
  • Princess Anne de Ligne (born 3 April 1954) - In 1981 she married Olivier Mortgat, and they have issue.
  • Princess Christine de Ligne (born 11 August 1955) - In 1981 she married Prince Antonio of Orléans-Braganza, and they have issue.
  • Princess Sophie de Ligne (born 23 April 1957) - In 1982 she married Count Philippe de Nicolay, son of baronne Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and they have issue.
  • Prince Antoine Lamoral de Ligne (born 28 December 1959) - In 2001 he married Countess Jacqueline de Lannoy. They have three children:
  • Prince Louis de Ligne (born 4 March 2003)
  • Princess Marie de Ligne (born 29 September 2004)
  • Princess Florence de Ligne (born 14 March 2006)
  • Princess Yolande de Ligne (born 16 June 1964) - In 1994 she married Hugo Townsend (born 1945), son of Group Captain Peter Townsend and Rosemary Pawle, and they have issue.
  • Titles and styles

  • 24 August 1929 – 17 August 1950: Her Royal Highness Princess Alix of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau, Princess of Bourbon-Parma
  • 17 August 1950 – 3 March 1985: Her Royal Highness Princess Aix de Ligne
  • 3 March 1985 – 21 August 2005: Her Royal Highness The Princess de Ligne
  • 21 August 2005 – present: Her Royal Highness The Dowager Princess de Ligne

  • Alix, Dowager Princess of Ligne Luxarazzi Luxarazzi 101 Princess Alix of Luxembourg Princess of Ligne


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