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Alinazik kebab

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Eggplant, Lamb and mutton

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Eggplant, Beyti kebab, Kısır, Hünkârbeğendi, Karnıyarık

Alinazik kebab tarifi

Alinazik kebab, or simply alinazik, is a home-style Turkish dish which is a specialty of the Gaziantep province of Turkey. It is made from smoked and spiced eggplant, grilled and then pureed, topped with cubes of sauteed lamb, previously seasoned and marinated. It is usually served with rice pilaf or yogurt with garlic, grilled vegetables, and melted butter.

Alinazik kebab Ali Nazik Kebab lamb stew over smoked eggplant and yoghurt puree
Alinazik kebab Turkish Alinazik Kebab Recipe Recipes From Turkish Cuisine In Eng

Alinazik kebab Alinazik Kebab Sultan Baklava Mediterranean Cuisine

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Alinazik kebab Wikipedia

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