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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Polemoniaceae
Order  Ericales
Rank  Genus
Aliciella SEINet Arizona Chapter Aliciella subnuda
Similar  Aliciella leptomeria, Allophyllum, Saltugilia, Gilia, Loeseliastrum

Aliciella sedifolia top 7 facts

Aliciella is a genus of plants in the phlox family. These plants have been treated as members of genus Gilia until recently, when it was proposed they be moved back to Aliciella. This genus was created in 1905 to include certain gilias that seemed distinct from most of the others, but it was abandoned soon after. Recent genetic analyses suggest it should be revived.

Aliciella Southwest Colorado Wildflowers Aliciella pinnatifida

Selected current species:

  • Aliciella caespitosa - Rabbit Valley gilia
  • Aliciella formosa - Aztec gilia
  • Aliciella haydenii - San Juan gilia
  • Aliciella heterostyla - cactus flat gilia
  • Aliciella hutchinsifolia - desert pale gilia
  • Aliciella latifolia - Broad-Leaved Gilia
  • Aliciella leptomeria - sand gilia
  • Aliciella lottiae - Lott's gilia
  • Aliciella micromeria - dainty gilia
  • Aliciella nyensis - Nye gilia
  • Aliciella penstemonoides - Black Canyon gilia
  • Aliciella pinnatifida - sticky gilia
  • Aliciella ripleyi - Ripley's gilia
  • Aliciella sedifolia - stonecrop gilia
  • Aliciella subacaulis - pinyon gilia
  • Aliciella subnuda - coral gilia
  • Aliciella tenuis - Mussentuchit Creek gilia
  • Aliciella triodon - coyote gilia

  • Aliciella Southwest Colorado Wildflowers Aliciella

    Genus Aliciella was named for the botanist Alice Eastwood.

    Aliciella Rare Plant List
    Aliciella SEINet Arizona Chapter Aliciella leptomeria
    Aliciella wwwswcoloradowildflowerscomPink20Enlarged20Ph
    Aliciella Southwest Colorado Wildflowers Aliciella pinnatifida


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