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Alianza (Chile)

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Founded  10 August 1989
Succeeded by  Chile Vamos
Ideology  Conservatism
Dissolved  29 January 2015
Headquarters  Santiago de Chile
Alianza (Chile)
Leader  Hernán Larrain (UDI) Cristián Monckeberg (RN)

The Alianza (Alliance), previously known as Alianza por Chile (Alliance for Chile), was a coalition of right-wing Chilean political parties. The Alianza was replaced between 2009 and 2012 by the Coalition for Change. After the 2012 municipal elections, the coalition returned to its original name. In 2015 was replaced with Chile Vamos.

It included the National Renewal (Renovación Nacional, RN) and the Independent Democratic Union (Unión Democrática Independiente, UDI). In the past it has included the National Party, the regional Southern Party (Partido del Sur) and the Union of the Centrist Center (Unión de Centro Centro, UCC), all of which are now defunct.

Major leaders of the Alianza have included Jovino Novoa (UDI), Pablo Longueira (UDI), Jaime Guzmán (UDI), Joaquín Lavín (UDI), Sebastián Piñera (RN), Lily Pérez (RN), Andrés Allamand (RN), Sergio Onofre Jarpa (RN), and Sergio Romero (RN).

Member parties

The Alianza por Chile has had several names through its history:


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