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Algorithms Data Structures = Programs

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Originally published  1976
Author  Niklaus Wirth
Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen990Alg
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Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs is a 1976 book written by Niklaus Wirth covering some of the fundamental topics of computer programming, particularly that algorithms and data structures are inherently related. For example, if one has a sorted list one will use a search algorithm optimal for sorted lists.

The book was one of the most influential computer science books of the time and, like Wirth's other work, was extensively used in education.

The Turbo Pascal compiler written by Anders Hejlsberg was largely inspired by the "Tiny Pascal" compiler in Niklaus Wirth's book.

Chapter outline

  • Chapter 1 - Fundamental Data Structures
  • Chapter 2 - Sorting
  • Chapter 3 - Recursive Algorithms
  • Chapter 4 - Dynamic Information Structures
  • Chapter 5 - Language Structures and Compilers
  • Appendix A - the ASCII character set
  • Appendix B - Pascal syntax diagrams
  • References

    Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Wikipedia

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