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Routes of administration  Oral
Legal status  US: OTC
PubChem CID  5459907
ATC code  B03BA04 (WHO)
CAS Number  13870-90-1
Molar mass  1,579.58 g/mol
AHFS/  International Drug Names

What does adenosylcobalamin mean

Adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl), which is also known as cobamamide and dibencozide, is, along with methylcobalamin (MeCbl), one of the active forms of vitamin B12. As a nutritional supplement, it is available in tabletted form, but unlike cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, and hydroxocobalamin, it is not available in injectable form.


An enzyme that uses adenosylcobalamin as a cofactor is methylmalonyl-CoA mutase (MCM).

Adenosylcobalamin uses reviews side effects and contraindications


Adenosylcobalamin Wikipedia

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