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Adatepe class destroyer

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Name  Adatepe class
Operators  Turkish Navy
Built  1930-31
Builders  Ansaldo, Genoa, Italy
Succeeded by  Tinaztepe class
Adatepe-class destroyer
Preceded by  Muavenet-i Milliye class

The Adatepe class or Kocatepe class were two destroyers built for the Turkish Navy by the Italian company, Ansaldo of Genoa in 1931.

These ships were the first part of the re-armament program for the Turkish Navy which began after the end of the after the end of the Greco-Turkish War and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

The Adatepe class were based on contemporary Italian Folgore class but had guns mounted in single mountings rather than twin turrets of the Italian ships. The hulls were lengthened to accommodate this change and the ships had two funnels rather than the single funnel used by the Italian ships.


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