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Adam and Evil (2004 film)

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3.5/10 Filmweb

Produced by  Steve Popper
Language  English
Director  Andrew Van Slee
3.2/10 IMDb

Directed by  Andrew Van Slee
Release date  2004 (2004)
Initial release  27 April 2004
Adam and Evil (2004 film) wwwgstaticcomtvthumbdvdboxart85167p85167d
Starring  Erica Cerra, James Clayton, and Jodie Graham
Cast  Erica Cerra, Barbara Kottmeier, Allison Warnyca, Brody Harms, James Clayton
Similar  Slasher movies, Movies about murder

Adam and evil the true trailer

Adam and Evil is a 2004 horror film directed by Andrew Van Slee about a group of teens who face a murderer while partying at a camping site. It stars Erica Cerra, James Clayton, and Jodie Graham. Filming began on April 30, 2003 in Los Angeles and it was released on April 27, 2004.


The film was released on DVD as Halloween Camp 2: Scream If You Wanna Die Faster in the United Kingdom. Although there is no plot continuity, the UK name implies a sequel to the 2003 Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp, released as Halloween Camp in the UK. This in turn is a sequel to the 2000 slasher movie Bloody Murder.


The Horror Channel summarizes the plot as "In the darkest depths of secluded woodlands, a young group of friends head out for fun and frolics. Instead, they find themselves embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse".

After Dave and Maureen have sex in the woods, Dave proposes to Maureen, and she says yes. During the night, Dave walks out of his tent and finds Maureen's severed finger next to the fire. Dave is then attacked by a person in a mask. However, it is revealed that it was actually Maureen, who was pranking Dave. However, then, a real masked killer appears and beheads Dave with a machete before impaling Maureen.

The next day, a group of friends consisting of Adam, Billy, Clint, Earl, Evelyn, Matt, Rachel, Rob, Seth, Shane, Stacey, and Yvonne, head deep into the woods for a night of partying and drinking. The group has a blast until Shane and Rachel get into a fight and break up. Shane makes out with Yvonne, while Rachel hooks up with Seth. When Adam and Stacey step away from the campsite to kiss, they discover a threatening note. Back at camp, the others find more. Adam, Stacey, Rachel, Matt and Shane want to leave, but their votes are overturned by Billy, Clint, Earl, Evelyn, Rob, Seth, and Yvonne. However, soon, the killer kills Seth and Rachel while they are having sex. The others find their bodies and panic, fleeing in different directions.

Billy, Yvonne and Stacey meet up in a clearing, but the killer hangs Billy while the girls hide. Stacey is found by Adam, and the two embrace. However, when Rob discovers Yvonne, she mistakenly kills him. Adam, Stacey and Yvonne are stalked by the killer and hide from him. While they are running, Adam and Stacey witness the killer ripping out Yvonne's throat.

Due to the deaths of Seth and Rachel, Clint and Earl decide that Shane is the killer, and they corner him. Shane claims not to be the murderer, but Clint and Earl stab him anyway. Clint and Earl are then attacked by the real killer, who dismembers Earl before chasing Clint through the forest. Clint makes it to a cliff, where he calls out to Adam and Stacey before the killer decapitates him.

When Adam and Stacey find the bodies of Seth, Rachel, Rob, Evelyn, and Earl, as well as a still-living Shane in a cave, they deduce that Matt is the killer, as he is the only one they did not see. Adam, Stacey, and Shane then flee the cave. They wander the woods for hours before finally finding the group's truck. However, they then encounter Matt. Stacey threatens Matt with a knife, despite his claims that he is innocent. Shane, who sympathizes with Matt, tries to convince the others to believe him. They then automatically assume this position when the killer shoots Matt and Shane, killing them. The killer is then revealed as Yvonne, and her death was just a hallucination by Adam and Stacey due to them being drugged by Yvonne. It was actually Evelyn whose throat was ripped out. Adam and Stacey battle Yvonne, and their fight culminates in them running over Yvonne until she is dead.

As morning breaks, Adam and Stacey leave the campsite and drive back towards civilization. They at first believe they are safe, but Stacey soon realizes that Yvonne could not have killed Billy because she was with her when her died. The shot then changes to show Seth standing over Yvonne's body, and musing that her death is "such a shame". Seth then takes Maureen's ring out of his pocket, revealing that it was him who killed her, Billy and Dave (and presumably Rachel), and places it on her finger. He then picks up his machete and mask and begins walking back towards the city.

Critical response

Adam and Evil was criticized for its lack of originality at Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer concluded: "I realize it's not as awful as I first thought it was ... I did find myself laughing a lot at all the bad acting". Another said "If you love mindless slashers where the plot is so simple Bullwinkle J. Moose could figure it out in record time, and the kids are dumber than the norm, then check out "Adam and Evil". Trust me you will not be disappointed".

Referring to the U.K. title, Andrew Smith says "devoid of everything that makes this genre such a predictably entertaining time, you'll want to die faster if you are unlucky enough to sit down to watch". The critic Timothy Gross comments that "this almost bloodless lame attempt at a slasher movie is horrible...", awarding it 1/2 star.


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