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Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Gorzów Wielkopolski

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Artist  Józef Gosławski
Year  1957
Created  15 December 1957
Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Gorzów Wielkopolski httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Location  Poland, Gorzów Wielkopolski
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The Adam Mickiewicz monument in Gorzów Wielkopolski is a notable Gorzów Wielkopolski statue, located near a cross of Lwów Eaglets Street and Władysław Sikorski Street. The monument was designed by Józef Gosławski. The statue was unveiled 15 December 1957 to commemorate an anniversary of poet's death. The cast was produced by the Mechanical Plants "Gorzów" (Polish: Zakłady Mechaniczne "Gorzów"). Funds for monument came from contributions of local society. In the original version Adam Mickiewicz held a feather in his left and a book in his right hand, but during the work a committee changed an idea and as a result one hand of the poet is 20 cm longer than the other.


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